At MADE., we aim to continue to bring you handcrafted works for not only you to enjoy but for your peeps to enjoy too! When you shop MADE., you will instantly be “Unlocking the magic of Main St. in every box”. So let’s continue to…Shop Small. Shop Local. Shop Handcrafted.


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About us

What’s Our Story?

After having lost our storefront due to the impacts of Covid-19, our love for supporting handcrafted, small, and local has not diminished. And no matter how bittersweet this experience has been for us, we still aim to return to a storefront one day.  However, just because we don’t have a storefront doesn’t mean we can’t continue to do what we love to do and work with the people we love to work with.

At MADE., we aim to continue to bring you handcrafted works for not only you to enjoy but for your peeps to enjoy too! When you shop MADE., you will instantly be “Unlocking the magic of Main St. in every box” you purchase and most importantly be reminded that “Main St. is still OPEN!” and looking forward to seeing you again. 

So let’s continue to…Shop Small. Shop Local. Shop Handcrafted.

MADE. Artisan MarketPlace

Who we Are

MADE. Artisan Marketplace (a.k.a. “MADE” for short) is a team of regular folk
who absolutely love and appreciate shopping local, shopping handcrafted, and – most importantly – SUPPORTING the people who make the products. Based in Southern NJ – just minutes away from Philadelphia and Delaware – our personal backgrounds revolve around theatre, music, crafting, teaching, and consumer retail. Plus… We are a hell of a group of art enthusiasts!

What we do

We sell handcrafted goods and artwork, in a way that supports the actual
MAKERS, the artists who love to create them! Because we come from creative backgrounds, we share the desire to create AUTHENTIC, ORIGINAL products that speak to us, and to share them with the world. However, we also understand how challenging it can be to find a quality platform in which to sell – and buy – these goods. That is where we come in. We want to help artisans do what they love to do (CREATE), and give YOU a chance to discover and enjoy their exceptional products!

How (and why) we do it

Years of daydreaming at our “day jobs” culminated in finally
joining up with other gutsy artistic visionaries to open the first storefront location of MADE Artisan Marketplace in the heart of the historic “Main Street” shopping district of Woodbury, NJ. Our vision – and demand – quickly outgrew that space, and the business expanded, moving into a much larger building just steps away. Greeted with enthusiastic support by the community, “MADE” was a hub that provided artists with an exciting and inspiring space for creating, meeting, selling, and teaching, equipped with a beautiful art gallery and our very own espresso bar (The Painted Bridge Espresso Bar).

However, as was the case with many businesses centered around social interaction and group gatherings – you know, the “non-essential” stuff 😉 – the rug was pulled up from under us by the impact of Covid-19. Being forced to shut our hard-won storefront’s doors left us at a critical fork in the road: Do we give up on that whole “support the arts” pursuit and call it quits, or do we find another way to move forward? In the end, we resolved to pursue this unique opportunity to regroup, restructure, and CONTINUE to do what we love to do: Support handcrafted makers and artists and share their incredible products with the world!

Our time on “Main Street” gave us the opportunity to see firsthand the unique, beautiful connection between “makers” and the people who enjoy their creations,and the way it uplifts everyone involved. Let’s KEEP THAT GOING! In this new online structure, we look forward to  spreading the wonderful maker products and artistry as far as we can, as often as we can, to as many people as we can, for all of the right reasons. So as you continue to shop MADE, you will instantly be“unlocking the magic of Main Street” in every box – or piece of artwork – you purchase! For those who know us, we hope that you will continue to be a part of our mission. For those we are just getting to know, “HELLO!” It is so nice to meet you! Welcome to MADE. Thank you for stopping by, and please come back again.

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What our Customers say


"I recently purchased a MADE gift box for my husband—just because. He absolutely loved it! Not only was he surprised he got a random gift, he was more than pleased with what was inside. My hubs is an artist so he appreciated the design of the box which he looked at for a bit before opening :0) The items inside are all of quality and went from cute to useful. We especially enjoyed the breakfast themed dress socks. This is a gift box for everyone and for all occasions, even “just because" . "

Ashley H.

"I received the “Cat Lady in the House” box and was pleasantly surprised. The assortment and quality of the items was remarkable. I especially appreciate the fact that it helps support both local artisans and small businesses. Send one to someone...they won’t be disappointed. "

Christine H.

"This box was awesome, I felt like all these products were packed just for me! I'm gonna be coming back here for Christmas gifts."

Andrew H.

" This place is truly a hidden gem! The perfect place to intentionally buy the perfect gift for your loved one or something to compliment yourself. I loved looking at all the unique items and listening to the stories behind them. I will be back for Christmas shopping and more! "

Jessica C.

"Creative, quirky, fun, thoughtful. Good stuff! "

Thomas D.

"The shop is ADORABLE and the art selections are all beautiful and really well-displayed, with things at lots of different price points."

Kelly R.

"Diverse selection of handmade items. You would be hard pressed not to find something to appeal to everyone here. Love the atmosphere and the staff is super welcoming and helpful."

Veronica D.


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Thank You for Your Patronage!
Sadly, we are no longer in business. However, we encourage you to browse the website and if there are any artists or artisans you would like to work with or hire, please take note of their names to  contact them. Let's continue to shop small and support artists as much as possible. Thank you so much!